How do we perceive average & ideal penis length

Studies in this area are numerous, and the average size of the erect penis was established at 13.12 cm by the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI). Another research conducted by the National Academy of Surgery, showed that on average, men were comprised somewhere between 12.8 and 14.5 cm.

What's the average penis size ?

Two elements play a major role in the concerns about the size of the penis: on the one hand the perception of what the average actual size is, and on the other hand, the idea that people have of the ideal penis size.

When it comes to the notion of ideal size, it becomes clear that expectations do not always match reality! For women, the ideal penis is between 1 cm & 2 cm larger than the estimated average size. The question is whether this 1 cm or 2 cm difference could have a significant impact on a man's or a woman's satisfaction during intercourse.


It is also interesting to observe that men seem to judge themselves even more harshly: while the estimated average size is close to the one estimated by women, men on the other hand think that the ideal size of the penis is between 1.5 cm &  2.5 cm larger. When ask about the ideal penis size, the average answer was 16.6 cm!

Source: Zavamed

What women really think about it

85% of women satisfied with their partner's joystick size

The reknown French blogger, Maïa Mazaurette, reacted strongly to this study and told Figaro Santé that "What women dream of, is a format slightly above average, but not too much". She then said, "How is that not true for everything? ". Another specialist in the matter, Patrick Pruvot, also spoke of male anxieties: "Men think that women dream of large penis but they buy very reasonable sized toys". According to another study, 85% of women say they are satisfied with their partner's tool ... which shows that it's not the size that matters.

Does it really matter ?

If you really need to speak "numbers", about two thirds, or 67.4%, attach a very relative importance to it without making it a subject of major interest. More than one in five women (21.4%) believe that penis size is unimportant compared to 11.2% who consider it essential.

Too big is not a synonym for pleasure

18 cm penis only affect 1% of men, and so much the better because the vagina, on the other hand, have an average depth of 10 cm.
According to this study, 30% of women said they had pain during their last intercourse.
Because having a big rod is not enough to give pleasure, on the contrary!
If you're too big, there's a great chance that it becomes painful. This is not the way to go for an activity that is supposed to provide pleasure, especially as women do not always express that they are in pain.

The stats you must know

The goal of deep penetration is not really the pleasure of the two partners, but is primarily designed for men, then possibly for women (moreover it generally ceases when the man has finished). It is the establishment of an unequal relationship as a model.

Martin Page

Less than one in five women reach an orgasm through penetration alone. Women who never have reach orgasm, or rarely, are twice as numerous among those who devote to pure penetration. Sometimes, pleasure lays in diversifying practices. For three quarters of the women, touching the clitoris is either an absolute condition for reaching pleasure, or the condition for better orgasm (not every orgasm feel the same). The almighty power of the penis is then taken down, sure, but it's not about throwing penetration out the window. The more erogenous zones stimulated, the better it works.

Size does not make it all for women

Researchers at the National Australian University developed a protocol to determine the importance of the male crotch in female attraction, based on other factors already known to appeal women: height and shoulder width compared to the hips. The results were published in 2013 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (Pnas). In all, 105 heterosexual women, averaging 26 years old, were recruited. They were asked to rate computer-modeled images of uncovered men on a scale of 1 to 7. These virtual males existed in 7 different sizes, with 7 different penis lengths but also 7 shoulder widths. Each woman viewed a total of 53 silhouettes of the 343 available.

Women who like men, like them tall and/or strong

Conclusion, it is better to be tall, strong and have a long penis to look more appealing to women. No revelations then ... In fact, there are many nuances in the end. The size of the penis is an influential parameter: attraction increases very sharply for each centimeter gained below 7.6 cm at rest. From this threshold, women always judge men with long penis better, but the impact then becomes much less important. Much like a threshold effect, although up to 13cm (maximum length in this study), the ratings kept going up. Note, however, that a previous study revealed that the average height was around 9 cm at rest.

However, a man of 1.85 m with a rod of 7 cm will be as well noted as a male of 1.70 m with a penis of 11 cm. But in reality, taller men gain more "points of attraction", at equivalent increase in root size, than smaller men. These two parameters are in any case supplanted by men with a V-shaped bust, a very important feature for women.
Source: Futura Science

Not tall? Not strong? Not big enough? There's still hope

Seducing women in the blink of an eye with a dance step? A dream for many, which could very quickly come true. A study conducted by psychologist Nick Neave and researcher Mac Carty in collaboration with researchers from Northumbria and the University of Goettingen, shows that certain parts of the body in motion are decisive in the qualification of a "good" or a "bad" dancer with regard to women. it doesn't mean that you have to enroll high profile dancing lessons to look like a professionnal dancer. You just have to learn what moves will turn on the the woman you want to seduce! And thats's exactly what this study will teach you!

Men's satisfaction overall

Even if size is not everything, 45% of people asked about the size of their root are satisfied and 14% very satisfied. This is the conclusion of a study conducted by the medical teleconsultation site Zava. When asked what the average penis size would be in France, the men also answered 13.6 cm, which is 0.5 cm more than the average penis size in the world, as indicated by a study dating from 2015.
When it comes to perception, other Europeans are less shrewd. The prize goes to the Poles, who estimate that they have penis of 15.7 cm on average. Conversely, the British would rather be the type to minimize, estimating that their root have an average length of 12.4 cm.

Men's satisfaction by age

If we look at the results of the experience conducted at Zava by age group, the number of men who reported being satisfied with the size of their penis varies. In fact, 39.4% of 18-24 years old say they are satisfied, which increases to 51% among those who are 45 years old and over. The proportion of very satisfied men varies much more significantly, starting at 15.7% for those aged 18-24 to reach 16.9% for those aged 35-44, before dropping to 13.5% for those over 45 years old.
At the same time, the level of dissatisfaction seems to decline with age. 13.1% of men between 18 and 24 but only 7.7% of 45+ say they are dissatisfied with the size of their tool. And if 3% of 18-24 people consider themselves "very dissatisfied", this proportion falls to zero at 45 years old and over.
It is likely that young men are particularly exposed to misconceptions (cliches) and legends about the impact of penis size, while more experienced men will have been able to confront these ideas with reality and adjust their judgment.

Does length influence male's confidence ?

The great lie about Congolese's penis size

Most of the articles focusing on the average penis size around the world claim that Congolese rank in top position. The average length repeated everywhere is generally around 18 cm. However, these figures conveyed by local media, radio or press are innacurate. As for many, theses numbers are self-reported by the population in question and taken up by the most without any scientific proof or reliable source of information.
Moreover, a controversial study conducted by Richard Lynn, a professor of psychology at Ulster University, has contributed to mislead people with false information gathered over the internet on 116 countries about penis size.
However, the analysis of 21 information sources constituted by Philippe Cilundika Mulenga and Alex Bukasa Kazadi in the two major urban centres of the Democratic Republic of Congo, showed that the average penis size was: 14 cm (28,6%), 15 cm (23,8%) and 15-20 cm (19%), which is actually barely more than the world average.